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Welcome to the Good News Bible Study.  Please fill out this questionaire by entering the correct information in the text boxes. If there are some boxes that you cannot fill in, just leave them blank. You must fill out the boxes marked by a red asterisk (*). When you have filled in as much as you can, click on Submit to save the information. You will then be given a student ID number, which is required to go to Part 1 of the study. Once you receive the student ID number, enter it in the box below and click on Go To Part 1. You will then go to the start of Part 1 of the Good News Bible Study program, which is entitled "About God".


Important: BEFORE YOU REGISTER, you must select a language to study in. Your Current Language selection is English. If you wish to study in any other language we offer, select that language in the drop down box below. You CANNOT change your language once you have registered.

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Important: You CANNOT change your language selection for the Bible course study once you have submit this registration and questionnaire.

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